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Stunning Hammered Arts and Crafts Floor Lamp with Smoking Accessories #2367

Stunning Hammered Arts and Crafts Floor Lamp with Smoking Accessories #2367

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Hard to find a place to start describing this amazing lamp by Brady of Detroit.   Cast in heavy solid bronze, and with revived original finish, plus a new coat of lacquer to keep it looking amazing.   Deep hammered texture across the whole piece.  We cleaned the original mica panels in the lamp and rebuilt the original lamp switch, added a new porcelain socket and vintage style double twist wire and button plug.   Inside the lantern is a foldaway reading lamp (quite dim by modern standards) with focusing lens.  The mid point of this piece contains smoking accessories--nickel ashtray, pullout electric lighter, and the lid to a cigarette jar.   The jar is long gone but the lid remains.   Inside the spring loaded retractor for the lighter remains but the lighter is no longer working.   Plus--this piece has a built in swivel, so the lamp can sit between two leather easy chairs perhaps a Morris chairs?     Note Charles Brady's patent for a nearly identical Combination Smoking Stand and Lamp.   Same base, but lantern is different.

52" tall, 40 pounds.  Ships in two boxes.   Some assembly required (four screws and electrical connection).


16" diameter

25" drop to lowest point

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