Q: How can I contact you?

A:  If you'd like to call or text here's our number:  323 301 3697

Q: Do you do repairs and alterations?

A:   Of course!   Our most common repair is new wiring and a new plug on a table lamp, which runs about $50.     All projects are different, so always best to contact us to assess your specific needs.

Q: Do you buy partial fixtures and parts, or just complete fixtures?

A: Of course we'll take a look at anything you are looking at selling, whether single shades or complete fixtures.  You might have the last piece to a puzzle we need!  It's rare that we're interested in items made after WWII.  

Q: Do you restore a fixture I already own? 

A:  Yes.  Restoration means different things depending on what each project needs.  Sometimes it's cleaning and rewiring, other times it's refinishing completely.  Yes, we can repair most things, from a simple rewiring on a modern lamp to a plate and polish an antique chandelier.   Cost varies depending on scope of project.  Inquire for more information.

Q:  What does a repair cost? 

A:  Our basic labor charge per order is minimum 30 minutes of labor at $75/hr, plus the cost of parts.   

Q: Do you do "house calls"?

A:  Yes.  Our rate is $100/hr for work outside the work shop.   However, we must charge for our time at the site in addition to time to and from our shop.  Thus, one hour on site with an hour commute each way makes it a three hour charge minimum.