Yes, of course we can upgrade the wiring in your lamp or chandelier!

Over time, plugs, wiring and sockets can wear out, get damaged, and often need replacing.  If you bought an old fixture at a flea market or estate sale that was marked “works”, you definitely should have it inspected for safety if not have it  entirely rewired.  “Works” does not mean it’s electrically safe.  Old wiring is subject to becoming brittle or rotten and can become an electrical hazard.  

The base charge for wiring is 30 minutes in labor plus the cost of parts. No two projects are alike, but simple parts for a basic lamp can be very inexpensive.    Most of the time a lamp will cost $50 for a basic rewire with new plug. All items are rewired with new materials and come with hardware ready to install.  We add a ground wire to all fixtures unless it’s a fixture where it is not possible to ground or is unnecessary.