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Holophane No. 3358 Bullet Semi Flush ca. 1903 #2206

Holophane No. 3358 Bullet Semi Flush ca. 1903 #2206

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We LOVE these wonderful small waffle pattern holophanes!    Shade is actually ribbed in two different directions on the inside and outside, giving the appearance of a waffle pattern, but that's OK!   Still scatters and softens the light and we love it.  Here paired with a new (old style) polished nickel fixture.   Signed Holophane #3358 on the inside of this small shade.   This shade was pictured in the 1903 Pagoda catalog, a subsidiary of Holophane and advertised as a pendant.

9" drop and 4.5" wide at the canopy.   60w max in a porcelain socket.


16" diameter

25" drop to lowest point

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