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#2067 Semi Flush Art Deco Lincoln 1930s "Two-in-One" Chandelier

#2067 Semi Flush Art Deco Lincoln 1930s "Two-in-One" Chandelier

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Another classic from the 1930s that was sold widely through the Sears catalog.   Also one of the few chandeliers in which the shades can be installed two directions, for your choice of uplighting or downlighting.  Shades are in fairly good condition but not without some small flaws typical of this design.   Some example photos shown.  Also, note that the metal frame of this fixture suffered some internal damage and been repaired.    Both repairs are inside the fixture not not seen after installing.   New paint finish inspired by the original.   Need matching wall sconces?   We've got them!!

20" tall and 17" wide.  Cannot be shortened.

Ships from Los Angeles.


16" diameter

25" drop to lowest point

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