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LED Painted Bulbs for 1920s and 1930s Lighting

In the 1920s and 30s shaded light had become the desired style, and bulb companies began finding ways to soften the light instead of  clear glass around a bare filament.  GE introduced painted bulbs as part of their "Mazda" bulb line to give bare light bulbs some color and make them fixture look great even when turned off. 

We've reproduced 2 of those bulbs in two colors, amber and gold, and similar in size and wattage to the originals from the era.  These are LED versions of our long beloved incandescent bulbs---same shape, size and color---but these are extremely long life and cool to the touch!    All three shapes are BRIGHTER than the incandescent bulbs currently on the market, and are dimmable as well.   LED bulbs are the equivalent of 60w but only use 5.5w.

The LED filament source tends to be more apparent than the much finer incandescent filament,  and seen a bit through the colored coating.